Rat and Mouse Removal in Salt Lake City UT

If you spot a rat or mouse inside your home, contact Wildlife X Team immediately for rat and mouse control in Salt Lake City, UT. Where there is one rat or mouse, you can be sure that more are hiding close by. Calling us for rat and mouse removal in Salt Lake City as soon as you see a rodent in your home is the best way to prevent an infestation in your home or on your property.

More about Rats and Mice in Salt Lake City UT

The brown rat and the black rat, the two most common types of rats, are found all over the world. This small scavenger mammal is said to have originated in Asia before migrating across countries as accidental passengers on human voyages.

Rats have been bred as pets since the 1800s and today, rats are kept as pets all over the world. As pets, rats can be extremely friendly and can be taught to perform certain tasks, such as doing certain actions for a piece of food.

A curious and wily creature, a mouse is a common invader. However, a mouse in your house is more than just an unwanted nuisance. Since mice are small, nocturnal, and nest in out-of-the-way places, you may not even know that you need rat and mouse removal in Salt Lake City until it is a major problem.

The biggest difference between rats and mice is their size, with rats typically much larger than mice. However, both rats and mice can be nuisances. Contact Wildlife X Team for safe and humane rodent removal in Salt Lake City, UT today!

Rat and Mouse Removal in Salt Lake City UT

Of all the animals we remove in Salt Lake City, rat and mouse removal can be the trickiest because of the ability of these animals to get through even the tiniest of openings. Even grown adult rats and mice can fit through small spaces, gaining access to your home or commercial property. Once inside your home, rats and mice begin chewing, scratching, and leaving droppings all over the interior of your home.

Contact us for humane rat and mouse removal in Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas.