Attic Restoration in Salt Lake City UT

Although you may have had wildlife or unwanted pests removed your attic, you may not be finished with cleanup. A pest invasion in your attic can create problems many homeowners never think of. Do you need attic restoration in Salt Lake City, UT after a wildlife invasion? Contact Wildlife X Team today.

Sanitize Your Attic in Salt Lake City UT Today

When a raccoon, possum, squirrel, bird, or bat takes up residence in your attic, they do not come alone. These animals also bring parasites and insects with them. Get your attic back to a healthy state and call Wildlife X Team  to sanitize your attic in Salt Lake City, UT and beyond.

If left unrestored, your attic can become a dangerous breeding ground for contaminants that may affect the health of your family. Our attic restoration professionals can also remove any damaged or soiled insulation, getting your attic back in shape in no time. With attic restoration in Salt Lake City from Wildlife X Team, our team can do it all!

Attic Restoration in Salt Lake City Fixes Any Damages

Since your attic is often the easiest entry point for animals, the typical attic can quickly become damaged or destroyed by a visiting raccoon, squirrel, or skunk. Unfortunately, many people store sentimental items in the attic, such as family photos, baby clothes, and cherished childhood items. Plus, electrical wiring and insulation in your attic can quickly and easily be torn up by an invading animal.

Here is the basic concept of a complete attic restoration:

  • Our wildlife specialist performs a complete 25-point wildlife inspection to guarantee that no other wildlife can re-enter and destroy your attic.
  • We remove dead animals, animal droppings, and remove soiled and matted insulation.
  • We disinfect and deodorize the attic before any insulation is replaced. We reinstalling your insulation back to its original R rating or better. This high-quality insulation will save you money on your utility bills every month. Our insulation can also help control your energy costs by eliminating air infiltration, sound transmission, and controlling heat loss/gain.

For more information about attic restoration in Salt Lake City, UT, Contact us today!

For fast and effective attic restoration in Salt Lake City, contact Wildlife X Team today. Ask us about our free 25-point inspection of your home or property!